The Kiteboarding

Kitesurf or also called Kiteboarding is another form of surf in which was just added a Kite connected with a harness to a person and lines of 25 meters. The French call it Flysurf cause the Kite looks like if one could fly.

In Kitesurfing they have been using different boards and within the years the sport has been divided into various disciplines like freestyle , in which they do tricks using a bidirectional board; In wave-style where you just surf the waves with a board similar to a surfboard; Race style where the competitors do a circuit using points in the water and they use special boards made for speed.


Kiteboard is composed of a kite, size between 5 and 17 meters normally. If you choose a small or a big kite depends on the wind speed. The big kites are good for low wind, the smaller kites for strong winds. Although the size depends on the weight of the Kiter; e.g. if there is the same wind but one person weighs 15 kg less, the lighter person would use a kite that is 2-3 meters smaller.

The Kite is made out of an inflatable structure also called leading edge which looks like a half-moon if its pumped up. The bladders, secondary elements, you find in vertical position and they are also inflatable. The amount of bladders can change depending on the brand or the model of the Kite and now they are beginning to manufacture Kites without bladders so called „strutless“ Kites. These Kites are lighter and fly better in low wind conditions.

The inflatable structure of the Kite provoces that if the Kite falls down into the water it cannot drown and still keeps floating that you can lift it up again in the water.

You control the Kite with a bar which measures around 50 cm and has lines of normally between 20 and 25 meters. The bar can be made of aluminium or carbon. The lines are made of a special material called „Dyneema“ and each line can withstand like 270 kg, so if you multiplicate this 4 times it is almost impossible to break the lines cause of the weight of a Kiter.

The Kiteboards are divided into bidirectional and unidirectional ones. The bidirectional boards are really easy for transportation and also for using as you are using it both sides the same and for changing directions you don’t need to switch your legs. These boards are used in freestyle, wake-style and free-ride. The unidirectional boards have to be used always with the tip in the front and thats why you need to change position of your feet when changing direction. These boards are used for surf, race, free-race and speed.

Kitesurfing is easy to learn, in few hours you will learn the Kite control and riding on the water. You don´t need physical force like someone would think. It´s not like in wakeboarding where you need to force your arms, in kitesurfing the Kite is connected to an harness and your arms are only for directing the Kite.

Although in special meteorological situations when the ocean is really choppy and there are strong and gusty winds, it is important to have a good physical condition and a lot of experience in order to not get in trouble.

You can almost do kitesurfing in Mexico the whole year thanks to the climate and the winds of this country. But the time of most wind is from autumn to spring. In summer its generally not so many windy days and if they are with wind its also with rain and storms.

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