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Kitesurf philosphy

When you start to kiteboarding it is like entering into a family. It may sound a bit difficult to understand, but I will try to explain this to the people who haven’t had the opportunity to come close to this incredible sport. I have practiced many other sports before starting to kitesurf and I still try out new adventures, but the sensation you get from kiteboarding and entering this world are unique. Kiteboarding is not only about enjoying the moment by yourself as it is the case with other individual sports, but it is also about sharing new emotions with old and new friends. When you start with kitesurfing you feel alone and a bit frustrated. You see the others navigating and think ” I will never make it, its too difficult, this sport is not for me”, but then you realize quite fast that this world actually is for everyone. The good vibe everyone has is incredible. The availability and patience everyone has to help you out I have only found while practicing kitesurfing. I believe all of this begins during the moment when you need someone else’s help to start or land the kite. From that moment on something is stimulated in our brain that unites us all as a family. Many of my best friends I have met practicing this sport and I would have never thought that my life would change so much ever since I began kitesurfing.

After starting to kiteboarding my trips changed as well, since I was always looking for places with wind. When I travel and I come to a new place for the first time, I meet new people and several of them are even friends with my kitesurfer friends.
This does not only happen to me, it happens to everyone who starts to travel and kitesurf.
This is being part of a huge family that is conquering the world and the great thing about it is that it happens through smiles.
Entering this world gives you a mix of sensations that you only experience while becoming a kitesurfer.
While practicing individual sports there is always a bit of a competition with yourself or against the others. This is different with kitesurfing, because most of the kitesurfers just want to enjoy the wind, the sea or the beautiful new places they would have not known without practicing this sport.
When you are kiting and cross paths with another person, the first thing you do is to smile, this is something that soothes your soul. Imagine we were all part of one big team and this team would always win “what else do you want from life?” Do more kiteboarding !

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5 Reasons to Learn Kiteboarding with Kitesurf Mexico

1) Learn kiteboarding at the best spots.

Best Spot

Our kite school is located in Playa del Carmen, more precisely at Punta Venado Beach club. But the classes are not only done there. We also go to the best spots in Cancun, such as Isla Blanca and Playa Nizuc. Depending on the direction of the wind, we go to the right place for our students to learn in the best conditions. We also chose the place according to the level of our students. For example, to first learn kite control, they need little space and a quiet place, to avoid some external factors that can annoy beginners. Then, when they have more control, we take them to more spacious places with calm and shallow waters, so if the student makes any mistakes or loses the board, they can walk to it and get it back. For the more advanced students who want to learn how to jump or make some kind of transitions, we go to a place with little waves or to some other spot according to their preference.

2) Teaching experience.

We have more than 5 years teaching kiteboarding in the Mayan Riviera. This makes the difference with other schools in terms of teaching methods and our experience in customer service. We prefer to only provide a private, quality service to just a few students. In this way we maintain very high standards; our reviews on TripAdvisor are a testimony to this. At the moment it is quite fashionable to learn to kitesurf, but the problem is that also teaching has become a fashion. There are schools with little experience and low-skilled instructors who try to teach in this area, putting students at risk and teaching them to navigate incorrectly. This can then impair their learning curve and prevent them from becoming really independent.


3) Updated Equipment.

We are the only kite school in Cancun and Playa del Carmen that renews their equipment every year. We do this for two very important reasons: The first is to always have up to date equipment with the latest guidance systems and with maximum efficiency for learning. This is a fairly new sport, so the equipment continues to improve every year in terms of safety standards. Some years ago the public was a little afraid of approaching kitesurfing, but now more and more people feel safe to start taking classes with us, even entire families. The second reason is that the new equipment flies more easily and is more stable each year; this greatly accelerates the student’s process of boarding the kite and navigating it.

new equipment

4) Qualification of our instructors.

Our instructors are certified at IKO, which is the largest kiteboarding organization and has the highest teaching standards. They also need to have at least two years experience teaching kitesurf, which means they have spent even more years sailing with it. They must speak at least two languages correctly. We also train them to give the best possible customer service.

5) Student support before and after class.

Our policy is to try to help our customers as much as we can. Beginning with the first emails, we suggest places to stay and activities that can be done here in Mexico.
There are many accommodation options and tours here, and this confuses customers a little. That is why we refer them to the best service companies. This is not a source of business for us, we want our students to enjoy the best possible vacation here. In fact, many of our clients come back the following year and refer us to their friends.
We also follow up on our students after their course. We help them get the appropriate kitesurf equipment for their level and give them advice on the models and measures they need to buy. Kites come in many brands, models, and measures. For novices, this can be perplexing and prevent them from choosing the right equipment.

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Kiteboarding Isla Blanca Mexico (Video)

Isla Blanca is one of the best spots to practice or learn Kitesurf . It is a huge saltwater lagoon without any waves and shallow water. For these conditions it is ideal for freestyle and learn ,a great spots also for beginners , they can walk back if they still have problems with going upwind!
The Peninsula is a 25- minute drive from Cancun.If you come for vacation you must check this spot and try it or enjoy it!

Filmed by: Ivan Acosta-Rubio

kiteboarding isla blanca

The Kiteboarding

Kitesurf or also called Kiteboarding is another form of surf in which was just added a Kite connected with a harness to a person and lines of 25 meters. The French call it Flysurf cause the Kite looks like if one could fly.

In Kitesurfing they have been using different boards and within the years the sport has been divided into various disciplines like freestyle , in which they do tricks using a bidirectional board; In wave-style where you just surf the waves with a board similar to a surfboard; Race style where the competitors do a circuit using points in the water and they use special boards made for speed.


Kiteboard is composed of a kite, size between 5 and 17 meters normally. If you choose a small or a big kite depends on the wind speed. The big kites are good for low wind, the smaller kites for strong winds. Although the size depends on the weight of the Kiter; e.g. if there is the same wind but one person weighs 15 kg less, the lighter person would use a kite that is 2-3 meters smaller.

The Kite is made out of an inflatable structure also called leading edge which looks like a half-moon if its pumped up. The bladders, secondary elements, you find in vertical position and they are also inflatable. The amount of bladders can change depending on the brand or the model of the Kite and now they are beginning to manufacture Kites without bladders so called „strutless“ Kites. These Kites are lighter and fly better in low wind conditions.

The inflatable structure of the Kite provoces that if the Kite falls down into the water it cannot drown and still keeps floating that you can lift it up again in the water.

You control the Kite with a bar which measures around 50 cm and has lines of normally between 20 and 25 meters. The bar can be made of aluminium or carbon. The lines are made of a special material called „Dyneema“ and each line can withstand like 270 kg, so if you multiplicate this 4 times it is almost impossible to break the lines cause of the weight of a Kiter.

The Kiteboards are divided into bidirectional and unidirectional ones. The bidirectional boards are really easy for transportation and also for using as you are using it both sides the same and for changing directions you don’t need to switch your legs. These boards are used in freestyle, wake-style and free-ride. The unidirectional boards have to be used always with the tip in the front and thats why you need to change position of your feet when changing direction. These boards are used for surf, race, free-race and speed.

Kitesurfing is easy to learn, in few hours you will learn the Kite control and riding on the water. You don´t need physical force like someone would think. It´s not like in wakeboarding where you need to force your arms, in kitesurfing the Kite is connected to an harness and your arms are only for directing the Kite.

Although in special meteorological situations when the ocean is really choppy and there are strong and gusty winds, it is important to have a good physical condition and a lot of experience in order to not get in trouble.

You can almost do kitesurfing in Mexico the whole year thanks to the climate and the winds of this country. But the time of most wind is from autumn to spring. In summer its generally not so many windy days and if they are with wind its also with rain and storms.

For more information about Kitesurf check our website and you can contact us if you want to start your lesson here in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum or the whole Riviera Maya. We are also connected to other Kite schools in Mexico, so if you are in another state in Mexico we can also help you and give you information to get to your course started.

New RRD Obsession MKVII 2015

Program: Freestyle/big Air/Freeride

The Obsession is our iconic kite that embodies power/de-power ability/ fast turning speed and huge hangtime, all in one package. It’s been our best selling kite since day one from it’s introduction, manily for its versatile range of use and its real fun, spontaneously sportive feeling in your hands thanks to a light bar feel and a very quick response to the bar inputs. It jumps great, keeping you in the air longer than you could expect, and still keeps its easy depower feel when a stronger wind gust hits the kite. This is why the Obsession is also highly appreciated by riders who use strapless surfboards to do freestyle tricks or jumps on flat water. Its special wide range of use behaviour comes from a moderate aspect ratio and swept back tips design, creating a very constant amount of power even in very gusty winds. Its “Sheet-and-go” power delivery makes it also a perfect light wind machine, with great freeride performance potential, reaching top speed runs and great upwind legs.

This year we have slightly changed the foil profile of the Obsession and made it a bit flatter throughout the tip area, enabling the kite to be turning faster and also be more efficient to flying into the wind window. Every panel of any inflatable structure, from the struts to the leading edge, is built with a special heavy duty stitching system. The stitching areas are internally reinforced with a stripe of adhesive dacron, creating a solid base for durability. All the exposed areas, like tip ends and leading edge seams that are subject to abrasion, are reinforced with a woven Kevlar/ PU fabric to prevent wearout. Our single pump inflating system tube is covered with a soft PVC protection to prevent possible damage from plastic parts while folding the kite, and the inflating tubes are fixed to the kite through a neoprene sock, locked into place with velcro.

A dacron leech reinforcement progressively wider from the center strut towards the tips, follows the fatigue line, being higher on the tips, and also reduces potential fluttering after long time use. The triangle tip ends for the attachment points of the back lines spread their load avoiding tip distortion, keeping the right bar presence feel and increasing the lifetime of the kite. All the bridle attachment points are reinforced with a soft PVC external protection and and internal double adhesive dacron patch, to increase durability. The new bridle pulleys are now fully made with marine grade stainless steel and can each stand a load of 400 Kgs.
The Obsession MKVII offers an unsurpassed level of performance in the largest variety of use.


Learning Kiteboarding

Learning kitebord never ends…
We keep trying new tricks, and keep hitting ourselves like at the begining…
The joy of being in contact with nature and the adrenaline that the kite generates are unique.
At the same time we are talking about a very safe sport. It’s very difficult to hurt yourself as long as you respect safety rules.
Don’t miss the opportunity to feel these emotions!!

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RRD Global Bar V6

The version 6 of a great bar with a great history of performance and reliability. We have taken out any unecessary items instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply put : “you cannot break what does not exist”. A bar is your cockpit in the water, not on the road or inside an airlplane. Everything must be there at your fingertips and must work instantly when you really need it.

No marketing gimmicks, No 3D videos to impress you behind the screen of a computer. A simple bar that works. Everyday. For long time.

– Composite Glass/Carbon Bar with hand sanded soft grip. Diecut graphic colors that do not fade in the sun.
– Rubber covered side caps to improve side grip and avoid damage
– Bar width adjuster.
– Double chamber hollow tube for de-power rope and safety line.
– Original Clamcleat™, not just another copy.
– 2 PARTS ONLY chicken loop safety release system.
– No rust and corrosion damage, EASY to reassemble!
– Rotoring system with “Iglidur” washers to untwist lines.
– Safety leash ring attachment, convertible into HP suicide leash.
– Industry reference exclusive 23 mts RIGID THREAD LINES, never stretch. Never loose trim.