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Learning Kiteboarding

Learning kitebord never ends…
We keep trying new tricks, and keep hitting ourselves like at the begining…
The joy of being in contact with nature and the adrenaline that the kite generates are unique.
At the same time we are talking about a very safe sport. It’s very difficult to hurt yourself as long as you respect safety rules.
Don’t miss the opportunity to feel these emotions!!

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RRD Global Bar V6

The version 6 of a great bar with a great history of performance and reliability. We have taken out any unecessary items instead of adding them, to make every component more functional. Simply put : “you cannot break what does not exist”. A bar is your cockpit in the water, not on the road or inside an airlplane. Everything must be there at your fingertips and must work instantly when you really need it.

No marketing gimmicks, No 3D videos to impress you behind the screen of a computer. A simple bar that works. Everyday. For long time.

– Composite Glass/Carbon Bar with hand sanded soft grip. Diecut graphic colors that do not fade in the sun.
– Rubber covered side caps to improve side grip and avoid damage
– Bar width adjuster.
– Double chamber hollow tube for de-power rope and safety line.
– Original Clamcleat™, not just another copy.
– 2 PARTS ONLY chicken loop safety release system.
– No rust and corrosion damage, EASY to reassemble!
– Rotoring system with “Iglidur” washers to untwist lines.
– Safety leash ring attachment, convertible into HP suicide leash.
– Industry reference exclusive 23 mts RIGID THREAD LINES, never stretch. Never loose trim.


RRD Obsession 2014

Program: Freestyle.

Improving the Obsession is always a tough task. This year we have re-analized the whole concept of the Obsession design base, and re-considered every possible component to achieve the new MKVI. Firstly the new leading edge arch: the new Obsession is now sligthly more closed than the previous one, looking more like a C shape kite with a bridle.



However its aspect ratio is way higher than that, and this keeps intact the boosting power of this real flying machine. Secondly, the new strut design: the vertical shaped struts with the new attachment system to the leading edge, has greatly improved the foil stability, allowing us to flatten the body shape towards the trailing edge. The Kite is now 20% more stable in the air, and thanks to this feature, we were able to completely re-design the bridle. Now the Obsession is even more powerful than the previous version, yet, incredbly it has even more range in the upper end with a softer, more progressive de-power feel.


Whatseemed and impossible task, was to improve the turning speed. In the big sizes until 10.5, now the Obsession MKVI is not only slughtly faster, but even easier to be kitelooped, with a more constant but neutral feel. All in all we have changed the Obsession inside out, but surely one thing was kept the same: the outstanding grafics that are part of the body of the kite, and are not prinyted on top of it, ensuring a longer lifetime, a lighter weight and a better construction strength. Try one for yourself and understand why more and more people around the world love this kites!

kite lesson

Kite Lessons

Kiteboarding courses

Our courses in Cancun and Playa del Carmen are carried out at shallow, crystal-clear water beaches, away from the interference of public, tourists, and other kiteboarders.

These beaches offer the most ideal safety conditions to learn kiteboarding under the supervision of our IKO certified professional instructors. We offer beginner, review and advanced courses.

Beginner courses

We have two types of courses for beginners: a full 3-day course and a basic 2-day course. We recommend you to take the full 3-day course, but for clients who don’t have enough days planned for their vacation, a 2-day course is also an option as a start in this sport.
The courses are given in sessions of 3 hours daily, which can be done in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the availability and weather conditions.

Both beginner courses start with an explanation on the wind, how to responsibly use the gear and the necessary safety measures for kiteboarding.

Then we go to shallow waters using a small, short-line kite to learn to control the kite by performing different exercises. This is done while the student is standing with the water up to his waist (see images), always in the company of an instructor.

Once the student -still standing- gains control of the kite in all the extension of the wind window, he starts learning to control the kite with his body in motion, to then start making movements with the kite in power on the water (Body Drag).

Body dragging consists on letting the power of the kite drag your weight on the water in the desired direction, which has already been achieved due to the kite control obtained in the previous stage.

Once the student has learned all these previous steps, he will now learn to stand on the board using the kite power. This is called “water start”. This is how the student will start making his first advancing meters on the board.

From this point, the full course focuses on achieving the right position on the board and learning to ride in the desired direction. This option is the most chosen by new students, since it allows for a greater level of autonomy at the end of the course.

Refresh courses

We also offer review courses for clients who have already taken some classes but still are not independent. Likewise, we recommend a review for those students who have spent more than a year since they last took the course. These classes are customized to meet the clients’ needs to continue learning from the point where they left or to reinforce knowledge and/ or learn what’s needed to become an independent kiteboarders.

Advanced curses

The advanced courses are designed for kiteboarders who seek to progress by improving their level or by learning any specific tricks.



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Kiteboarding School

Kiteboarding School Playa del Carmen and Cancun

We offer beginners and advanced kiteboarding courses.

With us you you will learn kiteboarding safely, under the supervision of our professional instructors and with the use of last generation gear.

At our school, specialized in kiteboarding, you will learn everything it takes to become independent in the practice of this sport. We offer a wide range of kiteboarding courses specially designed to meet the different levels of our clients, from beginners to advanced.
The full course is the best way to start kiteboarding, a fascinating sport. For this course, three days of your time are enough. By the end of the course, you will have learned everything you need to ride your kite on both land and water, thus achieving a certified independent kiteboarder level.

We use Liquid Force kiteboarding gear at our school, for our courses and for rental.

All our kiteboarding courses include:

  • All the necessary gear for practicing this sport
  • Communication system for teaching with waterproof radio helmets
  • Certified instructor



Kite Lessons 

Courses and Prices

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Cancun Kiteboarding trip

Kite Trips

Kitesurf Mexico travels around the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Playa del Carmen, Cancun,  Isla Blanca, San Felipe El Cuyo searching for the best wind conditions and the best spots to practice kiteboarding in Mexico, and now we offer you the chance to travel with us to the best Kitesurf Spots in Mexico.

For more info on kitesurf spots and trips, please contact us at

When the wind is blowing off-shore or the conditions are not ideal for kiteboarding in Playa del Carmen, we move to fantastic kite spots such as:

Isla Blanca Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Kiteboarding:

After several years of experience we have learn that most people don’t start kiteboarding because they’re afraid. Many are fascinated by this attractive sport but they don’t think it’s for them, it’s difficult, it requires strength, is dangerous, etc.

Still, images and sensations of danger are commonly associated with this sport, so it makes sense to ask some questions about the true dangers and the difficulty of Kiteboarding.

The good thing is that people are beginning to see people of all ages and body structures kiting and jumping around on the water, so they lose this irrational fear and look for a kiteboard school.
It’s important that when you learn to kiteboard, you do so with an experienced instructor. Not knowing the safety rules and trying to fly the kite without knowing how it behaves in the wind-window can be very dangerous.

Each year we see more people in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum and the Riviera Maya kiteboarding. Our first priority is to get you to realize that Kiteboarding is not what you thought it was.
It’s actually “pretty easy”, so you will start to enjoy kiteboarding after just a couple of hours, and you’ll be hooked for life.

Is Kiteboarding easy?

Yes, it’s easy, and in fact anyone can do it. All you need is the will to learn.

How old do I have to be?

You can kiteboard if you’re between 10 and 60+ years old. Anyone can kite.

Do I need any previous kiteboarding knowledge?

No, you can start from scratch by learning everything from the basic safety rules, to wind theory and standing on the board within 9 hours (a full course length).

Do I need to be in good physical condition?

You do not need any kind of special training. If you can swim for a bit and you can walk, you can learn kiteboarding.

Do I need to be very strong to kiteboard?

We always tell our students: If you’re applying strength while kiting, you’re doing something wrong. It only takes good technique, no strength is required for kiteboarding.
The kite is connected to your body through the harness and the weight of your body neutralizes the kite’s pull. By gently pulling on the bar we empower the kite, and by gently pushing the bar away from our body, we depower it. You use your hands only for changing directions without applying any force.
To ride the board in the desired direction you only need to move your heals and toes. It’s a very similar motion to the one you would do in other board sports such as skateboard, windsurf, snowboard or wakeboard.

Is it safe to kiteboard? Won’t I get blown away by the wind?

There is no way you’re going to fly away. The last cases of people who lost control of their elevation happened when kites had no safety measures. With new equipment, the kite loses up to 85% of it’s power just by taking your hands off the bar. Hitting the safety release will make it lose 95% power, and if you hit the leash safety release, you will be detached from the kite completely. Thanks to this 3-level safety system, kiteboarding is currently one of the world’s safest watersports.

Is it easy to relaunch the kite from the water?

Yes, modern kites can be relaunched within just a few seconds by just pulling on one line.

So what gear do I need to start kiteboarding?

You will need a kite of the right size for your weight and current wind conditions, a bar to control it, a harness to attach it to your body, a safety leash, and a board. There are many different brands and models and we can assess you on what the best gear is for you. All our courses include the necessary equimpent.

Do I need help launching and landing the kite?

The safest way to launch and land a kite is with someone else’s help, it doesn’t take an experienced person either. You just need to explain to them a couple basic things. There are techniques for launching the kite by yourself, but they are not 100% safe. For landing your kite all by yourself, in case of emergency you can use the safety mechanism.

Is it better to buy used equipment at the beginning?

You can start with used equipment, but it’s important that you get gear in good condition, with not much use and a relatively recent model. If you get older equipment you run the risk of your learning to take longer and you can put yourself in danger since older kites have fewer safety measures.

What kind of used gear should I buy as a beginner?

Kites today are so perfect and easy that many models can be used ny beginners and pro’s alike. There are also specific models for beginners, for frestyle, race and waves.

What wind range does a kite have?

Depending on the model and measure of the kite. A moder one can vary between 10 and 15 knots.

Is it easy to go from windsurf to kitesurf?

Yes, it is quite easy and convenient.
Kitesurf is more practical in a sense that the gear is lighter and more portable. It takes less wind to practice, you can already jump and trick with 12 knots. The learning curve is also much quicker. 80% of kiters can jump and trick within a very short time of starting to kiteboard, and this can take years with windsurf.

Kiteboarding School