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Our Kite lessons in Playa del Carmen and Cancun take place in Exclusive Beaches with crystal-clear water, away from the interference of crouds, tourists or other kiters. These beaches offer the ideal safety conditions for learning how to kiteboard under the supervision of our professional Kiteboarding instructors.

Usually, our kiteboarding lessons are dictated in periods of 3 hours per day, which can be taken during the morning or afternoon, depending on availability and weather conditions.
The first hour of the course consists of an explanation of Wind Theory, responsible gear use, and the necessary safety methods and precautions for kiteboarding.
After that, and using a small, short-lined kite, we begin to learn Kite Control on the water. This is possible thanks to the optimum conditions offered by our Exclusive beach, such as shallow, flat water. This way the student can learn how to control a real kite in low-power conditions that make learning easier and faster.

The Kiteboarding lessons continue on water.

The next step is learning how to control the movement of the kite, exploring the whole wind-window. The student does this while standing at waist-high water level, and always accompanied by a professional instructor. kite-lesson

Once the student can control the kite on the whole wind-window while standing, it’s time to learn how to control the kite while in motion, to later on move on to “Body Drag”.

Body Drag

Which means letting the Kite drag the weight of your body while you navigate in the desired direction. This is possible thanks to the control of the Kite obtained during the previous step. kite-body-drag

Finally, the student must learn to stand on the board using the power of the kite. This is called “Water start” and it’s the last step in the basic course.
At this stage, the student is able to Kiteboard independently, even if only for a few meters at a time.

The Complete course goes on to focusing on achieving the correct position while on the board and learning how to navigate in the desired direction. This is the most popular option for new students since it allows a greater level of independence by the end of the lesson.

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