Kitesurf Mexico

Kiteboarding Cancun

Cancun is one of the top spots for Kiteboarding in Mexico. We visit Cancun on a daily basis and we can help you learn kiteboarding in Cancun. We usually visit the following Kite spots:

Isla Blanca


Isla Blanca is an excellent spot, ideal for taking kitesurf lessons. Isla blanca is a large strip of sand located only 25 minutes north of Cancun within a huge and shallow seawater lagoon. At this spot you can kite with no risks, in shallow, calm waters. This is our second home spot after Punta Venado, so when the wind is coming off-shore at our spot, we do the courses there. Isla Blanca is located in a small peninsula with white sand beaches and pristine jungles, it is a secret corner, and a great escape from the chaos of Cancun city.

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Punta Nizuc


Punta Nizuc is a small stretch of sand located south of the Hotel Zone, near the airport. The huge reef located at the external part of the bay keeps the water always flat and with very little chop.
the best winds for kiteboarding in Nizuc are S-SE-E, but the best conditions happen with E-SE since East wind comes directly on shore.

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