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Kiteboarding Isla Blanca – Cancun

Isla Blanca is an excellent spot, ideal for taking kitesurf lessons, is it a large strip of sand located only 25 minutes north of Cancun within a huge and shallow seawater lagoon. At this spot you can kite with no risks, in shallow, calm waters.

This is our second home spot after Punta Venado, so when the wind is coming off-shore at our spot, we do the courses there. Isla Blanca is located in a small peninsula with white sand beaches and pristine jungles, it is a secret corner, and a great escape from the chaos of Cancun city.

Isla Blanca it’s the ideal place for “North Winds” since because of it’s location, north winds are on-shore when they are off-shore in the rest of the Riviera Maya. This is the perfect place to learn how to kitesurf also because of the water’s depth, which is practically at hip level all over the laggon. In case you drift off or have any issues, you can just walk your kite back to shore.

Kiteboarding Conditions in Isla Blanca

The windy season is from November to June. The winds are consistent and may vary from south to north. From November to April, it is called the “Season of the Norths”, since the winds are affected by the cold fronts from the north coming from The United States and Canada. Winds coming from the north are strong (10-30kn) and the weather can get cold, which is why a neoprene suit of 4/3mm or 5/3 mm is recommended. As soon as the wind turns to the east and southeast –which is what usually happens- you no longer need a neoprene suit as the temperature rises. From April to May, the wind is always hot, with an average of 10-20 kn.

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How to Get There to Isla Blanca:

From Cancun by car:

Take Bonampak Avenue going north, cross Lopez Portillo Av. and keep going.straight. Keep going on the same avenue until it ends at the entrance of Playa Mujeres. You will reach a roundabout. Take the street that surrounds Playa Mujeres, the gardens and the golf fields until you reach a second roundabout. This new roundabout demarks the beginning of the new road to Isla Blanca. Keep going until it turns into a pebble road, and keep going for a few more kilometers. You will pass the entrance to “Pirata Morgan” and up ahead on your left-hand side you will see the entrance to the lagoon. Once in the laggon, if you want to go to the end of the lagoon to enjoy the best conditions, you should keep going until you have to leave your car and walk a little bit.

 From Cancun by Public Transport.

From the crossing between Tulum Av. and Lopez Portillo Av. in front of the Canto pharmacy, you can take the red & white vans that go to Isla Blanca. They also stop across the street from ferry port the Isla Mujeres . There’s only 3 runs a day at 7 am, 11 am, and 4 pm.

 From the Airport

The easiest way is to take an ADO bus to Downtown Cancun and take a taxi from there.